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The Fit, Ripped & Feminine Program

The Fit, Ripped & Feminine program is about total transformation, designed to stimulate both the body and the brain. The FRF suite includes the core workout logs, guided mindset training's, cheat sheets, and access to a comprehensive exercise database.

This isn’t just another "tone it up" program — it’s a 12-week total transformation program that will shift your perspective around food and exercise for life.​

I’m going to shed light on some of the most neglected aspects in training so you don’t look like a dull, ragged, train wreck throughout this process, but a glowing and radiant beauty who’s got her shit on lock.

The Fit, Ripped & Feminine program is house of the most intense fat burning trainer you’ve seen yet.

With your nutrition and weight training dialed in, the explosive HIIT that S-HIIT 8-week annex will carry you past the finish line and act as the catalyst to a drop-dead body that demands attention.

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Before I began the Fit, Ripped & Feminine program I was constantly bashing and body shaming myself. No matter where I was, I was always comparing myself to other girls. Once we began working together and started the program, I realized that 1. Comparing myself to others wasn’t going to make me stronger or get me where I needed and wanted to be and 2. That the weekly coaching calls served as a huge stepping stone because Courtney was so inspirational during them. It was easy to see how my lack of self-confidence was affecting all the different areas of my life (emotions, mood, and eating) and that I was using this to feel sorry for myself. Every aspect and module in the Fit, Ripped & Feminine program is crucial and the mind/body connection module was something that really hit home to me as I never knew or thought something like that even existed.

Becoming a participant in the Fit, Ripped & Feminine program has truly been a life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for as I have learned and gained so much.

My experience being not only trained by Courtney but motivated as well was such an amazing experience. Courtney walks through all aspects of fitness. She covers not only the "fitness" aspects of it but also your mind body and soul. Her online portal makes it almost impossible to fail. Her workouts where challenging and easy to follow. I thank you Courtney for sparking my love for fitness once again! ♡