I’ve been asked, time and time again, if BCAA’s are worth supplementing. Most people are wondering what can they do for you and when you should be taking them so! Here’s your answer to all of the above… 🙂

I get that supplements can be a bit intimidating.

There’s a TON to pick from, they all claim fast/amazing/extraordinary [insert benefits here], and most of us simply don’t know what to listen to.

That’s how I felt when I wanted to learn more about supplements — can you relate?

In this weeks video, I’m giving you the skinny on all things “BCAA” with hopes of giving you clarity on this one, very popular, and widely talked about supplement.

Click play now, for the scoop on Branch Chain Amino Acids!

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Are you currently supplementing with BCAA’s? If not, do you think they could help propel you towards your end goal?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Nannette Reply

You kind of know my physique, so I’m wondering if you think I’d benefit from some BCAA supplement(s).
I try to keep hydrated. I’m not familiar with natural foods or drinks that contrain amino acids. Could you share a few examples? Thank you!

    Courtney Harwood Reply

    Anyone looking to preserve or build lean muscle would benefit from an amino acid supplement. Aminos are naturally in found in foods like meat, chicken, fish, and dairy. 🙂

Liz Martineau Reply

Enjoyed the presentation very much. You look like the picture of beauty and health, so if you’re taking BCAA’s, and attribute your fitness and energy to them, then I think many would start on BCAA’s. Is there an age range recommendation? Do BCAA’s interfere with other medications or are they contraindicated with some meds?

    Courtney Harwood Reply

    Thank you so much! People of any age can take an amino acids supplement! 🙂 I don’t know them as ever being an interference or contradiction to any prescriptions, as these are naturally found in many of the foods we consume. Of course, you can always consult your physician before implementing any new supplements to see what they recommend for you, personally. 😀

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