There’s this “rule”… Have you heard of it before?

That your self-talk and inner dialog should only be as harsh as what you would express to someone you care about?

That what you say to yourself in the mirror on a daily basis should only ever emulate the level of criticism you would dole out to a loved one?

It’s an important rule we should all consider following more closely.

Self-love, appreciation, and self-compassion will breed results you could only dream of!

Because the alternative… self loathing, body shaming, degrading self-talk, and being a judgmental asshole to yourself is not encouraging. That sort of mentality does not inspire positive change or results. It creates barriers and roadblocks in your mind and day-to-day life.

Having self-compassion is allowing ourselves the permission to be where we are right now — not beating ourselves up for NOT being where we think we should be, or where we see someone else.

It’s accepting there will be slip ups along the way, that we’ll miss a day in the gym, we’ll eat the offered dessert, we’ll indulge in the extra glass of wine, and we’ll straight up miss and mess up (some of the time).

You can love your body and still strive for improvement.

You can be happy with where you are currently, while taking daily action towards greater desires.

You can love yourself as you are today, and want more for yourself tomorrow.

I believe that having a big vision and lofty dreams does not inherently mean we’re unhappy with our present situation.

The unfortunate truth is… the statements above don’t resonate in the same way with everyone.

I understand a lot (if not most of us) feel some sense of shame or embarrassment around our strengths or weaknesses right now… or what our body looks like right now… How we feel waking up every morning… As though we aren’t ‘good enough’.

I’ve felt the same way in my own life; including realms outside of fitness.

But what I’ve found is, the expression of discipline that comes along with personal growth and expansion is exciting. It’s a natural part of loving where you are at this very moment.

More results will come from the acceptance and honest enjoyment of yourself as you are while striving to improve what you already like about yourself.

Change only happens when there is a strong enough desire to make it happen, as well as belief that it can.

What is good enough?

It’s You, right where you are, with everything you have, and all you know — right now.

You won’t be ‘good enough’ once you have abs, or know how to do a pull up, or can say no to dessert, or learn to like broccoli, or do more cardio, or have the right clothes, or better shoes, or get enough ‘likes’ on social media.

Being ‘good enough’ is the lack of conditions either you or society places on it.

You are good enough.

What you can do today, with what you have now, and where you are at this very moment – is good enough.

And when you adopt this belief, you’re able to do so much more. Choosing empowerment over inferiority gives you massive power to do more each and every day.

Onward, warrior goddess! You’ve got this. 😉

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