I need to get something off my chest.

There’s one question I get asked more than anything else, no matter where I am.

…In the gym, walking the street, grocery shopping, getting a body scan by TSA, leaving a concert — you name it.

In most situations, I really don’t mind the ask and will gladly share my thoughts and answer.

However, over time and in having more and more conversations on the topic, I notice a recurring tendency which irks the shit out of me.

I’m sure you can relate, being asked something and instantly seeing riiiight where the convo’s headed.

This week, I’m sharing my very personal FAQ & A with you.

Click play now and find out where I’m coming from…

I’d love to hear from you! What’s your main motivation for perusing your fitness goals? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Liz Martineau Reply

Hands down, you’re always in 1st place as our most fit Granddaughter. Congratulations on your on-going commitment to fitness.

Maani Haslam Reply

Hey Courtney,
Another great video and yes definitely something I get asked a lot.
Having competed just once and winning two of my heats and placing third in the last had set the bar pretty high in lots of people’s head about my future.
I constantly get asked “when” I’m competing again.
The first time I did , I was in such an amazing place mentally and with my body that I went up to just showcase my hard work and have some fun. I want focused on winning or even placing so it was just fuelled by passion.
Recently I considered a competition but I knew my head wasn’t there so I didn’t enter. Now I’m just enjoying trying to grow again after time off Being so full time into it, so I may find a balance to my passion again.
I found stopping is no good for me as I’m much happier with routine and development. But because I prefer to live with a dedicated lifestyle many people wonder why I do it if it’s not for something like a competition.
I tell them I’d live to compete again if it comes up and i feel driven to it, but otherwise I’m just happy seeing where I can take my body. 🙂
Which at the moment is feeling flatter than I’d like but I’m excited to manipulate it back to chunky muscle with lots of food and lifting hehehe
Thanks for keeping us all motivated ! You’re a Natural!
All my best,

    Courtney Harwood Reply

    I’m glad you have the self-awareness to recognize when your head (and heart) were and were NOT fully into something. Just another perk of fine tuning our bodies in the gym — is becoming more in tune with ourselves and what truly fuels us.

    You too are a natural motivator with your openness and transparency to those following along your journey.

    Cheers to chunky muscle, good eats, and heavy lifting! 😉

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