It’s here! The conclusive video number 5 of my free FRF METCON training series is available to you NOW.

With this, you’ve got access to all 5 FRF METCON workout guides by clicking the link at the end of each post to download them, and hit the gym!

Again, don’t worry if you feel a little clunky in the beginning. These circuits take some adjusting to until you find your groove. Once you’re in the flow of things, it all begins to feel very second nature.

You can use these 5 workouts as a supplement to your current training routine, although I fully recommend diving right in and using these training guides each day you hit the gym. You can split them however you’d like, or go the full 5 days on and then rest 2 days.

Your going to feel these workouts — everywhere.

Although we’re focusing on a major muscle group at the start of each one, it’s your entire body getting blasted by the metcon circuits.

I can’t wait to see you grow, shape, and define what strong, fast, and beautiful looks like after completing this series over the next few months.

Can you just imagine that for a minute?

What do you look and feel like after pushing your body and mind to the max every week moving forward?

Are you feeling more flexible, athletic, and capable?

Do you forgo the afternoon coffee or RedBull because your energy reserves are chock full and feeling rejuvenated?

You’ll see just how the FRF METCON series has far reaching benefits in more aspects of your life than just physical health and wellness.

I love that about training, don’t you? 😀

This is the final video in the FRF METCON series. Download the workout right here and bring it with you to the gym!

Click play below for the final, full body workout.

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