If you don’t know the feeling personally, you’ve definitely heard of it.

I’m talking about “the burn”, the “muscle pump”, and pure muscle fatigue.

These are all common descriptions of what one would experience during a heavy-hitting workout, do you agree?

For most people, those descriptions are synonymous with a solid and successful training session.

But have you ever been on the other end like, “Where the hell is MY muscle pump??”

Have you gone through a workout and wondered why you don’t feel the “burn” everyone speaks of?

Or have you found yourself in the middle of lifting a weight that’s light enough to complete the number of sets and reps you need to, or lifting a heavier amount of weight and not being able to do more than just a few reps?

It can be frustrating and a little confusing.

I’ve been there — wondering if I was doing any of it right. I wanted to feel my muscles on fire, I wanted the muscle pump, and I wanted to lift weights that brought me to near failure because of how taxed the muscle was. That’s what I felt like everyone else was getting, and I wanted to have the same experience.

Two building blocks need to be in place before you feel like you’re wreaking havoc on your target muscle during every training session.

They’re right here for you in this weeks video. Check it out now!

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