My #1 FAQ (and why it bugs the shit out of me.)

I need to get something off my chest.

There’s one question I get asked more than anything else, no matter where I am.

…In the gym, walking the street, grocery shopping, getting a body scan by TSA, leaving a concert — you name it.

In most situations, I really don’t mind the ask and will gladly share my thoughts and answer.

However, over time and in having more and more conversations on the topic, I notice a recurring tendency which irks the shit out of me.

I’m sure you can relate, being asked something and instantly seeing riiiight where the convo’s headed.

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Do You Feel The Burn?

If you don’t know the feeling personally, you’ve definitely heard of it.

I’m talking about “the burn”, the “muscle pump”, and pure muscle fatigue.

These are all common descriptions of what one would experience during a heavy-hitting workout, do you agree?

For most people, those descriptions are synonymous with a solid and successful training session.

But have you ever been on the other end like, “Where the hell is MY muscle pump??”

Have you gone through a workout and wondered why you don’t feel the “burn” everyone speaks of? Continue reading

The BEST Time to Eat Carbs (Preventing Fat Storage!)

Did you know carbs can turn to fat in the body?

Carbohydrates are one of the main fuel sources used by our body. There’s even designated storage space in the body for excess carbohydrates to go and be tapped into later.

But what happens when the storage space is all filled up?

Where does all the excess “energy” go if it’s not being used via physical activity or stowed away for later use?

The body has no choice but to convert it, and store it as fat. Continue reading

4 Minute Fat Blaster

There aren’t many things you can get done in just 4 minutes…

Except for a major lung-blasting, muscle-burning, heart-pounding interval circuit known as Tabata.

This has been nearly the ONLY form of cardio implemented in my training for the past few years.

That’s right — I don’t run long distances, or spend hours on the elliptical, or even do cardiovascular workouts after every lift. This tidbit of info comes as a huge surprise to most people when they ask me, or assume I must do all of the above in order to stay relatively lean. Continue reading

You’re Not ‘Good Enough’

There’s this “rule”… Have you heard of it before?

That your self-talk and inner dialog should only be as harsh as what you would express to someone you care about?

That what you say to yourself in the mirror on a daily basis should only ever emulate the level of criticism you would dole out to a loved one?

It’s an important rule we should all consider following more closely.

Self-love, appreciation, and self-compassion will breed results you could only dream of!

Because the alternative… self loathing, body shaming, degrading self-talk, and being a judgmental asshole to yourself is not encouraging. That sort of mentality does not inspire positive change or results. It creates barriers and roadblocks in your mind and day-to-day life.

Having self-compassion is allowing ourselves the permission to be where we are right now — not beating ourselves up for NOT being where we think we should be, or where we see someone else. Continue reading

BONUS! My FULL Abs Routine

I hope you enjoyed my training series where I walked you through each of my workouts! Despite having wrapped up last week with hamstrings and glutes, it just wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t share a quick abs routine with you.

Of course, the bulk of our midsection is sculpted in the kitchen, the squat rack, and through intense HIIT sessions, but building a rock solid core is by a combination of all things tied together.

I don’t train abs specifically, very often… but when the mood strikes and I want to hammer down on my core, this go-to ab circuit ensures every shred of muscle to be taxed.

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My FULL Hamstrings & Glutes Routine

Woo woo woo! You made it to round two of legs!

Feel free to completely unleash your excitement… I know you’ve been patiently awaiting part two of leg training to hit your inbox.

Who doesn’t want strong hamstrings and buns of steel, am I right?

The exercises in my hams and glutes workout are guaranteed to plump up the booty and have you walking out of the gym like a newborn giraffe.

…That’s a good thing — I promise. 😉

Check it out below!

My FULL Arms Routine

If I had a penny for every woman who asked, “how can I tone up my arms?” — I’d be rich.

If you’re looking for an arm workout that will give you mountainous bicep peaks and sharp triceps, this arm blasting workout will do just that.

The biceps and triceps are also worked while training the two larger muscle groups, back and chest, but who says we can’t give them a little extra TLC?

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My FULL Shoulders Routine

It’s here.

It’s time to build those boulder shoulders!

Honestly, I go ham on delt day…and I couldn’t be more excited to share my shoulder routine with you.

If there’s any muscle group that speaks to a powerful, well-rounded physique that screams “SEXY”, it’s the deltoids.

Undoubtedly, they’re one of my favorite muscle groups to train and I train them hard.

If you’re looking for a shoulder workout that will ultimately tie in two other large muscle groups for a full, upper body blast — here it is. Continue reading

My FULL Quadriceps Routine

Woo woo woo!

Leg day is upon us. 🙂 Well, part one of legs, since I like to split this muscle group up into two separate training days.

I hit quadriceps and calves mid week and then hammer on hamstrings and glutes a few days later to ensure a serious smack-down on all those strong, powerful, and beauteous leg muscles.

Today, I’ll be walking (or perhaps more accurately, “crawling”) you through my quads and calves workout. Who doesn’t love the look of a sexy, sweeping vastus lateralis?? A.K.A. Those sleek and defining leg lines. Continue reading

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