Did you know carbs can turn to fat in the body?

Carbohydrates are one of the main fuel sources used by our body. There’s even designated storage space in the body for excess carbohydrates to go and be tapped into later.

But what happens when the storage space is all filled up?

Where does all the excess “energy” go if it’s not being used via physical activity or stowed away for later use?

The body has no choice but to convert it, and store it as fat.

Bummer. I know…

This is why we stress the importance of input versus output so much. There’s a balance you want to maintain between the level of what’s coming in and what you’re spending.

If the amount of input, being food (AKA calories and “energy”) exceeds your level of output (AKA calorie expenditure and movement) then the body is likely storing lots and lots of excess yes… fat.

In this weeks video I’m giving you a brilliantly simple and effective tip to optimizing your carbohydrates and preventing excess fat gain!

It’s stupid simple and requires just a fraction of consciousness with each meal from here on out.

Check it out in the video now!

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Maani Reply

Great advice. I knew most of it but this is better articulated.

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