There aren’t many things you can get done in just 4 minutes…

Except for a major lung-blasting, muscle-burning, heart-pounding interval circuit known as Tabata.

This has been nearly the ONLY form of cardio implemented in my training for the past few years.

That’s right — I don’t run long distances, or spend hours on the elliptical, or even do cardiovascular workouts after every lift. This tidbit of info comes as a huge surprise to most people when they ask me, or assume I must do all of the above in order to stay relatively lean.

This kind of training is the only form I like to use for endurance and fat loss for the obvious reasons… it takes only 4 minutes and doesn’t have to be done every single day to get you the results you’re after.

Also! You can choose any exercise you can think of for the 20 second working periods, as long as you’re able to perform them fairly quickly (keeping your heart rate up).

Fair warning — There is one hard-and-fast rule to abide by when using Tabata.

If it’s not followed, you’re wasting what little time it takes to do the workout and will likely struggle to make any headway.

The rule is this; you must give it your MAXIMUM effort during those 20 second working intervals.

The workout lasts only 4 minutes and if you find you’ve got enough gas for a couple of rounds once the 4 minutes is up, you likely held back during the working rounds.

Check out this weeks video for my example Tabata circuit! Better yet, try it yourself after your next lift. You’ll be amazing at how winded you are in just 4 minutes. 🙂

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